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Seemingly ripped straight out of the pages of Alan Weisman's fascinating book, The World Without Us, Life After People, a recently aired two-hour documentary on the History Channel, presents a future scenario under which the planet - unburdened by the presence of humans - would slowly begin to recover. Most signs of human life would disappear within the next century; in their place, a new era would begin - dominated by the surviving animals and plants.

Lest you think the documentary is all unsubstantiated guesswork, its director and producers relied on the advice of several notable scientists, including Gordon Masterton, a former president of the United Kingdom's Royal Institution of Civil Engineers.

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As he explained to the Daily Mail's Nigel Blundell: "The lights will start going out around the world almost immediately. The last power will be produced by wind turbines but, after a few weeks, the planet will be plunged into a deep darkness it has not experienced since primitive Man huddled around camp fires."

Check out a short clip of the documentary on the History Channel's website and be sure to read the whole article for a more complete summary.

Via ::Daily Mail: Revealed: what the world will look like when we've gone (newspaper)

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