A New Online Tool, WattzOn Uses A Different Approach to Curbing Energy Consumption

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How much energy does it really take to power your life? While many carbon calculators make attempts at the truth, a new online tool gives you a "personal energy audit." Does this calculator leapfrog the competition? You be the judge.

WattzOn, a new, free online tool allows you to measure the amount of power needed to support all aspects of your lifestyle. What makes it different than a carbon calculator? WattzOn measures all of your energy usage in watts so that you can compare each of your consumption decisions directly and see where changes can be made. It is especially specific when it comes to the amount of energy that your diet uses as well as your personal belongings.

WattzOn is an online tool that helps everyone track, compare, and understand the consequences of their energy consumption. Through Wikipedia-like data editing, WattzOn analyzes data from its users to help understand the problem better. It operates under the premise that many minds are way better than just one thought leader in trying to reduce climate change.

WattzOn Uses Social Calculators
WattzOn is trying to build an energy calculator that gets better with time by relying on the wisdom of its users. WattzOn encourages concerned citizens, obsessive energy dieters, climate change gurus, and everyone else to contribute experiential information about their lives to the site. A pie chart shows both your own and the group's energy consumption and what portions of your life and the group's are causing the most harm. As individual members add to store of shared information, WattzOn augments its analysis to help users decide where their individual consumption needs to be reduced in order to reduce consumption as a whole.

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