A Lot Less Power Boat Launching Going On


We've written many posts on how to save gas on land. Power boaters, too, are shortening their trailering and over-water journeys. According to a Wall Street Journal staff writer, some boaters are considering a year-round dry dock solution. Power boating for fun is changing: driven by higher fuel costs, reservoirs getting too low to launch, budget pressures, and more.

A cruise past the waterfront in our area tells the tale: Marinas usually filled to capacity sit half empty, and many of the smaller recreational boats, such as ours, are adorned with "for sale" signs.
We all know the "worst case" boating fuel scenario. Bought the home in the country with a pole building to store the "man toys." Needed a tandem wheel diesel truck to haul the boat to the water (because it saves on marina fee). Fuel doubled in price. Ouch.

There are some good prospective outcomes of a down-powering trend.

Party boat captains will probably see an up tick in business.

Canoeists, kayakers, electric boaters, and sailors will have less noise and wake to put up with.

The fish, maybe event the Manatees, will get a respite.

Someone will design an aquatic velocipede [similar to concept in drawing] that people can drop a recycled mountain bike (become wave bike) into. How cool would it be to pull the velo up on the beach, temporarily dismount the bicycle, and then go for a land ride before returning to the beach for a velo journey back?

Via::Yahoo Finance/WSJ, That Sinking Feeling Image credit::marine velocipede, patent drawing, American Artifacts