A Little Art in the Garden: M Brace Makes Constructing Your Own Raised Beds Easy

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photo: Art of the Garden

If you've ever wanted to take your gardening to the next level and add some raised beds to the mix, it can be a bit intimidating. The idea of building the beds themselves can be more than you want to take on. Until now, former high school teacher Jill Plumb has come up with the M Brace. See how you can build your own raised beds without any tools. M Brace allows you to put together a raised bed without the use of any tools. The braces hold the four corners of you bed in place, making the foundation for your bed. And they're stylish. The braces are made of recycled steal and come in eight different designs to suit whatever your landscaping tastes.

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First, decide the dimensions of your raised bed and whether you'd like it to be a square or a rectangle. And then choose the kind of wood you'd like to use, preferably from sustainably managed forests or reused wood. After you slide the wood into place, just fill the bed with soil. Although you do have to ensure that the wood is cut perfectly before attempting to put it together.

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