A Guide to Veggie and Organic London


If you are a vegetarian and planning a trip to London, or if you are interested in exploring the organic scene, the guide "Veggie & Organic London" by Russell Rose, is a comprehensive survey of what is available. Running the gamut of restaurants, the author includes listings from the most expensive places in town right down to veggie burger take-aways in every part of London. Vegetarians are no longer ignored at the best restaurants—the author identifies some very posh places which provide gourmet vegetarian choices for diners. There are also sections dedicated to vegetarian and organic shops, cookery courses and a small sampling of hotels. At the start of each section is an overview with lots of interesting facts about the topic. In the "Shops" section they include not only local, neighbourhood organic food stores but also, unusually, discuss what is available in the big supermarkets and chain restaurants. There is a good listing of the joy of London—the outdoor organic farmers' markets—to be found somewhere every day of the week. And contact groups, ranging from vegetarian social groups to allotment garden societies and organic farming courses. :: Veggie&Organic; London