A Green Living

Looking for a job? According to Newsweek, this year's graduates are finding that being green is a growth industry. They write: " As public awareness of global warming grows, companies are scrambling to put in place greener practices, to present themselves as more eco-friendly and to develop products and services to fill a new demand for all things green. The phenomenon is creating jobs in fields like urban planning, carbon trading, green building and environmental consulting." The fastest-growing professions, according to [President of Green Economy Inc.] Doyle's analysis of recent U.S. Department of Labor figures, include environmental engineers, hydrologists, environmental-health scientists and urban and regional planners. ::Newsweek

Consultants. Planners. Carbon traders. Of course, nobody grows or makes anything any more. James Howard Kunstler suggests that "The giant universities are exactly the kinds of institutions that will prove unwieldy and unsupportable in the Long Emergency. College will cease to be the mass consumer activity it became in the cheap energy heyday. If it survives at all, it is likely to be - as earlier in history - an activity for a much smaller economic elite." and that we need to "work side-by-side with our neighbors, on things that are meaningful." ::Kunstler: We must imagine a future without cars

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