'Going Green' A Great Primer For, Well, Going Green.

Today green is the new black. Or is it the new blue? Either way you look at it, green is the latest buzzword and everyone these days is coming out with a new book to help you exclusively go green. (including us. Shameless plug: Buy it here). Going Green by mother-daughter duo Dr. Sally Kneidel and Sadie Kneidel is a great, basic primer for anyone looking to understand subtle differences like what is the difference between veggie oil and biodiesel or what the heck is a yurt. Mother and daughter duo Sally Kneidel, PhD and Sadie Kneidel, respectively, wrote the book, according to Sally, because, "as environmental awareness is increasing, many people want to do something to change their habits but don't know how, or are wasting their energy doing something that is ineffective. We wanted to harness that willingness and send it in the most effective direction possible."

If you are looking for an in-depth look at the issues, this book is not for you. But if you want a quick, handy resource to just give you a basic understanding of many of today's environmental topics, then this book is perfect. We could see this as a good source of handy facts for school-age children doing book reports or someone interested in finding out more about environmentalism from which they could launch into more specific research with other sources.

Both mother and daughter agree that diet is probably the easiest way to incorporate some green into your life. According to Sally, "Since environmental damage is caused by the sheer volume of animal products that Americans consume, just changing to a few meatless meals a week can make a big difference in your personal footprint." Sadie also agreed with this statement and said that, "Housing is probably the most difficult overall [ to change], because it requires making the largest long-term commitments to change." The book is divided into sections that cover investments, clothing, forests, food, land use, housing and transportation. Each section then breaks the topic down into subcategories and also includes antecdotes from both authors' personal adventures in going green.

When asked whether it was difficult to collaborate as the two are coworkers and family, Sally said, "the trick for me, as the mom, is to not wear my mom hat at all, ever, when we're working together. Sadie has inspired me immensely. Her environmental passion in high school rekindled my own ardor for green topics, which I let slide when the kids were little."

The book is well-written and does not make "Going Green" seem like a daunting task but rather a list of items you pick and choose from a buffet. Throughout the book there is a feeling that, hey, if they can do it, you can do it. The authors had a lot of fun writing the book, from "doing silly things to make each other laugh" and "bringing out the daring parts of each other personality" and this love for life definitely comes through in the book.

If on the other hand you are looking for more in-depth tips on going green, why not try our How to Go Green section, which breaks life down into subsets and greens each of them.

You can find Going Green online at Fulcrum Books.

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