A Global Warning: The Game?


Ever wanted to find a fun, interesting way to get kids to consider the implications of their action, particularly in regards to global warming? Well, that's the idea behind this latest enviro-game for kids, where the decisions they make in the beginning can have powerful repercussions for their character down the road. The game itself is the brainchild of a husband and wife development team in France who came home one day to find a dumping company setting up an immense landfill next to their home in Burgundy. That really hit home and got them thinking about the environment, and ways they could get kids involved protecting the planet using their given talents as software developers.

Using the experience of having a landfill set up next to their home in the real world, they've worked it into the game as kids need to work with a "hero" of their choice to help stop the dump company and save the planet by choosing strategic, earth-friendly behavior "cards" which then have an impact on their character's life in the game. Of course, decisions are not always easy, as in the real world where balancing a multitude of needs and interests often makes the best decision difficult to reach. Along the way kids will get to learn more about various environmental subjects. Those include waste, chemicals, CO2 emissions, self-sufficiency, and the availability of water. And for the moment they're offering a limited but free download of the game as a trial run, so if it sounds like fun to you head here and give it a shot.

via:: Jasmin Malik Chua

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