'Future Food Careers' Conference Series at UC Berkeley

"As it fell to our mothers, so it falls to us young women today, to perpetuate life by changing the world." An upcoming series of talks hosted by UC Berkeley investigates the role and perspectives of women scientists, agrarians, writers, entrepreneurs, and activists in envisioning and realizing a sustainable future. Installments in the Future Food Careers series will be held weekly between Sept. 21st and December 8th. The series includes, to name only a few, Claire Cummings of Worldwatch, Anna Lappé, organic food pioneer and author of Grub, and Dr. Ann Thrupp of Fetzer Wines (see our posts and on Fetzer's organic and solar actions). For those who can't attend in person, the series will be distilled into a series of video blogs and podcasts. For more info and updates, visit the conference's homepage. :: Agrariana.org


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