A Competition Looks for the Water-Energy Nexus

hoover-dam photo

Hoover Dam. Image Credit: kyle simourd via Flickr

Here at TreeHugger, we talk a lot about saving water, and reducing energy usage. But the two also intersect, since moving around all of the water we use takes up a ton of...you guessed, it: energy. This is called the water-energy nexus, and in its 2010 competition, non-profitImagine H2O is looking for the next great idea that will change the ways we use both water and energy. But there's more at stake tah the $100,000 prize- 3% of energy use in the United States is dedicated to transporting and cleaning water.To enter the Water-Energy Nexus Competition, individuals or teams must propose a start-up business that will serve customers' water or wastewater needs while reducing the energy needed to do it. Imagine H2O proposes the following categories as starting points for contestants: sourcing water, distributing water, water treatment, and water disposal. The contest opened on September 1st and will accept entries through November 15, so if you have an idea, get moving! Entries must be submitted through YouNoodle, a networking site for small businesses.

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