A Colorful Art Exhibit Inflates Garbage Bags to Teach About Recycling


Images by Gustavo Sanabria, Courtesy of luzinterruptus

When teaching people how to recycle properly, it can be hard to keep things interesting. Most cities settle for colorful graphics, distribute instructions to residents, and leave it at that. But the art group luzinterruptus decided to do something special to help explain to Warsaw residents which color bag is for what. So they took 1,000 green, yellow and blue bags, inflated them, and created a remarkable art installation from a rather boring subject.


For three days, the bags hung in the air and lay on the floor, tied to bicycles and stuffed into cars. In the eyes of luzinterruptus, the installation, called "Recycling Sunday", was a success:

Many people came to visit the installation and the interaction was surprising, the children played with the bags as if they were the most attractive balloons and the adults carried them away as if they were precious gifts. At the end of the night, the floating bags left the plaza to invade the city with their strange presence. Thus the installation finished by recycling itself in a spontaneous manner.

Check out a short video of the work:

Recycling Sunday from Gustavo Sanabria on Vimeo.

Hopefully, Warsaw residents got the message. And if all goes well, they will also recycle the bags used in the installation themselves- it would be too bad to see 1,000 plastic bags clogging the city's gutters after inspiring such good, green behavior.




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