A Challenge — the Girlcott

There have been over 3,600+ 'comments' posted to TH. Many very constructive and positive points have been raised. However what has struck us also, was the negative tone of a large number of 'comments'. It can often seem like readers are actively seeking out the Achilles' heel in a product or story. Seeing the small weakness, not the greater strength. Treehugger is about celebrating the journey towards a modern and green future. We focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, we leave others to write about the darkness. So, in this vein, we issue a challenge to our readership. Don't whinge. Act. Positively. If you see something that needs fixing — go fix it! If you think a product we showcase is too expensive, don't complain. Do something to change it. Go to their site, find the email link and tell the supplier you think their product is great and you'd love to buy it, but currently it's out of your price range. Let them know you care, expand their horizons. Encourage them to do better. Support them with your enthusiasm. If you think they should use better materials, less packaging, offer the product locally, or ... whatever, tell 'em. You are their potential customer. They'll listen. And might just respond. One man is credited with ending the British colonial rule of India. He said "If you want change ... you must be that change". Gandhi cut his teeth in activism in Africa, where they have a saying that goes something like: "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito." So, we suggest rather than look for the negative in a product or service, seek out its light and do what you can to make it shine brighter. If a boycott is "a refusal to buy, sell, or otherwise trade with an individual or business who is generally believed by the participants in the boycott to be doing something morally wrong" or "a form of protest" then we propose the opposite — a girlcott :-) . A vote of 'congratulations', followed by an offer to buy, if the business can make the goods even better. Don't berate, encourage. The budding green economy is just learning to walk. It's like a child. It will respond to your support and recoil from your anger. Nurture it and it will grow up healthy.