A 30th Birthday Party, The Permaculture Convergence


Permaculture is a practice we’re rather partial to here at TreeHugger. It is a concept that defies simple definition, but has to do with designing human spaces, and particularly food production, so as to optimise lessons learnt from nature. Originally conceived by Australians Bill Mollison (R) and David Holmgren (L) (see TH exclusive interview here) the concept has spread around the world over the past three decades, but will celebrate its 30th birthday this year at home, with the Permaculture Convergence in Sydney, Australia.The two founders will be in attendance with a host of other luminaries, including Geoff Lawton (Permaculture Research Institute), Max Lindegger (Ecological Solutions), John Champagne (Brogo Permaculture Gardens), Josh Byrnes (Gardening Australia), Michael Mobbs (The Sustainable House), Robyn Francis (Erda Institute), Rosemary Morrow (Earth Users Guide to Permaculture), and many more, too numerous to mention. Although we should point out that Cuban activist Roberto Perez will talk on the Cuban experience and how that relates to community agriculture.

In addition to all the speakers, there will several days of tours to permaculture type properties within the Sydney metropolitan area, as well as surrounding towns and countryside. It’s all go, over the Easter weekend of 20 to 25 March 2008. :: Australian Permaculture Convergence.

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