9thirty Theatre Company Presents Eco Plays in NYC

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New York City's 9thirty Theatre Company dubs itself one of the country's first "eco-theaters." In founding artistic director Jeff Burroughs' own words, 9thirty's mission is to "cultivate creativity and artists as we work towards viable solutions for a sustainable future."

For the week of April 22 to 25, in celebration of Earth Day, 9thirty will be presenting "A Fresh Assortment," a series of four plays that bring environmental issues—climate change, overpopulation, colony collapse disorder—to life on stage. Take a peek below the fold to see what the performance troupe, which uses salvaged materials and performs outdoors and in abandoned spaces, has in store for the city so nice they named it twice. The 10 Billionth Baby
Written by Bailey Williams and directed by Justin Eure

A woman named Magpie has her second child in a world of only firsts. When the media discovers that he is the ten billionth baby born on Earth, questions rise about the little town of Chester—a town that contains seconds, thirds, and even fourths. Magpie must then decide what is right and what is easy. A question that is only answered with silence.

Living in the Blue Zone
Written by Barbara Kingsley
When a small town girl gets the chance to visit her BFF from college, she is thrilled by the prospect of tasting life in the Big Apple. Expectations clash with reality when Darsi learns that sometimes less can be more—right down to the empty matchbox when you're living in "blue zone."

Written and directed by Sarah H. Haught
Two tenured employees await delivery of their precious product. When the silence falls, the workers must make sense of the disruption to their own ecosystem. Little do they know that their co-workers have fallen victim of colony collapse disorder...

Mr. Sasquatch Goes to Washington
Written by Michael Anderson and directed by Isaac Klein
Mr. Sasquatch Goes to Washington is a fast-talking romp through the world of politics, corporations and environmental activism. It features a senator, a bear terrorist, a famous Dr. Seuss character and the furriest lobbyist to ever hit Washington!

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