900 Pound Bull Escapes While Being Transported to Slaughter

highland bull animals livestock photo

Photo: Tony the Misfit

A 900 pound bull just disappeared according to a story in the Daily Item. The bull was being transported to slaughter when the massive creature escaped and led authorities on an hour long chase along a highway near Danville, Va.Police were stunned when a 900 pound bull just disappeared trying desperately to escape a premature death at slaughter. It sped up to 17 mph, leading police on a wild goose chase to track down the liberated bull. According to the story, Wayne Myers, of Bald Top, Montour County, was en route to the butcher with the 2-year-old bull when he stopped at a red light near the Danville Middle School on Route 11.

"I have no idea how he got out," Myers said. "He broke free and took off."

In my hearts of hearts I wish the big guy had gotten free for good, but in fact he was shot by authorities after galloping through three, count it, three counties. The worst part is that once shot, if the bull is shot too many times, the meat gets too damaged for use.

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