9 Simple Steps to a Good Clean Closet

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It's getting to be late spring and that means the floors and windows, carpets and kitchen, have probably been cleaned already. But what about the closet? Yeah, it's dark, dirty, and full of things that were long forgotten. Fortunately, Good has a strategy for getting things in order.Good writes:

Very often, when we're given tips about cleaning up our lifestyles, it involves buying new stuff to replace the old, bad stuff. Obviously, though, the most environmentally responsible thing to do is to acquire less, and make use of the things you already own. The EPA estimates that there is about 10 pounds of textile waste generated per person, per year in the United States—all of which ends up in a landfill. So in keeping with the spring-cleaning kick we've been on, we decided to turn our focus on cleaning out your closet in the most earth-friendly way possible.

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