9 Inspirational Environmental Icons: Walking the Green Path for 25 Years or More (Slideshow)

green path through the trees photo

photo: Brian via flickr

In the winding path of my commitment to environmentalism there are a group of people who I always return to for inspiration. Each occupying a slightly different part of the green sphere, their dedication, longevity and commitment (we're talking 25+ years for everyone in the slideshow you're about to view) reminds me that though we have a long way to go in creating a ecologically sustainable, humanly-satisfy, and just world, we have a foundation of great work to build upon. Some of these people's work you may know, others you may not, but I urge you to make liberal use of the links and find out more about each one. Also, take the time to list who in the environmental movement you find particularly inspiring.

9 Inspirational Green Icons With 25 Years of Commitment

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