8 Vegetarian Celebrities We Love: Macho Men Who Don't Eat Meat (Slideshow)

forest whitaker last king of scotland photo

Manly-man and vegetarian Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland. Image via Guardian UK

Think you've got to go all steak-and-bacon to gain 50 pounds for your dream role (like Forest Whittaker, above) or to get buff like hottie Joaquin Phoenix? Guess again. Our list of eight irresistible vegetarian guys proves you can be manly and meatless all at the same time. Studies show that eating a meat-free diet is better for your health; it's also better for the planet: Raising, processing, and transporting cattle, sheep, pigs, and other livestock for human consumption creates pollution, greenhouse gases, and typically uses more resources than farming veggies. If you're not ready to cut out meat entirely, thinking about simply cutting back. We've got a slew of delicious vegetarian recipes over at Planet Green that can help; or you can tuck into some advice from our On Moving Toward Vegetarianism column. In the meantime, dig in to our Vegetarians We Love: Macho-Man Who Don't Eat Meat slideshow for a full helping of delicious images. More TreeHugger Image Galleries
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