8 Celebrity Eco-Businesses We Can't Stop Talking About

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Photo via Golf.com.

While we've seen many celebrities jumping on the green bandwagon, we've also seen them doing it for the real deal. Many have been eco-conscious for years--some are just realizing how important it is to promote a sustainable lifestyle. From golf courses to babies to beer, we give you eight celebrity eco-businesses that deserve the publicity.

1. Justin Timberlake's Mirimichi Golf Course

Located just outside of Memphis, Tenn., Justin Timberlake’s Mirimichi Golf Course was unveiled just last month. Perhaps we’re intrigued because Mirimichi means 'place of happy retreat,' or that it's the first golf course in the country to be designated a Certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary. Or perhaps our heart skips a beat to know that JT is behind it. Either way, we dig it.

While golf courses don't exactly have a green reputation, we give kudos to Justin and his family for buying the property in 2007 to save it from residential development. The press release states: "Mirimichi has implemented sustainable resource management principles that incorporate wildlife conservation, habitat rehabilitation and enhancement, water conservation and water quality protection." Organic fertilizers are used, weeds are pulled by hand, and the clubhouse is Platinum LEED certified. To keep it moving in the right direction, the Audubon International certification requires a yearly audit to ensure that Mirimichi continues to stick to its eco-standards. Also check out our list of 5 Golf Courses up to Environmental Par.

2. Soleil Moon Frye's The Little Seed

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Photos via Babylifestyles.com and Amazon.

A few years ago, finding non-toxic and organic products for babies and children was a challenge. Enter The Little Seed, a hip shop in downtown Los Angeles opened by friends Soleil Moon Frye and Paige Goldberg Tomach. The boutique was founded based on a simple necessity: eco-friendly and organic products for parents and their children. Frye’s and Tomach’s mission is to be a one-stop shop, offering anything from organic bedding to natural skincare to non-toxic toys.

For up-to-the-minute giveaways and offerings from the Little Seed, follow Moon Frye on Twitter: @moonfrye.

3. Colin Firth's ECO Store

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Photos via Ecorazzi.

We broke the news last year that Colin Firth and his wife opened an eco-store in Chiswick, England called, well, ECO, that sells, um, ecological products and accessories. But it's not just about the products: The couple went all out in the renovation to make sure that the shop is as sustainable as it could be with recycled wood flooring, recycled furnishings (the counter is made of woven rubber bicycle tires) and a greywater loo. With a super-cool wraparound vertical garden and solar panels, ECO sells just about everything, from bikes to party dresses and furniture in its enormous three-story, corner pad.

4. Heather Mills' Redwood Wholesale Foods

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Photo via The Insider.

Last month we reported that Heather Mills opened Vbites Café, a seaside vegan establishment in the U.K. offering unique meatless meats and vegan favorites--accompanied by vegan and organic wines and beers. At the time, we had also caught wind of a potential new vegan frozen food business. While we at TreeHugger were skeptical over the motives, Heather Mills' Web site now confirms that Mills is indeed the new owner of U.K.-based Redwood Wholesale Foods. And she isn’t stopping there: The company hopes to soon bring their meat-free brands to the U.S. for distribution.

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