7 Ways To Save the World with Google Earth on Your iPhone

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Google Earth is an excellent tool for environmental activism. And of course it was only a matter of time before they developed an app for the iPhone – putting the tool right in your pocket (if you have an iPhone, of course).

So, if you have this amazing tool on your iPhone, wouldn’t it be great to use it to defeat the forces of evil, or at least have some fun? We’ve gathered up a few ways you can use the Google Earth iPhone app to save the planet.

Get Kids Excited About Camping Trips

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Getting kids connected with the planet while they’re young makes them far more likely to be environmental advocates when they’re older. By showing kids the cool aspects of where they’re headed for a camping trip or hike, they can get extra excited and perhaps more comfortable with being outdoors since they’re a bit more familiar with the area. Of course, this works for getting kids excited about all sorts of neat places on the planet.

Get Your Travel Fix without the Carbon Footprint

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With Google Earth on your phone, you can head over to an airport and feel like you’re traveling the globe without actually creating the massive carbon footprint that traveling tends to have. As planes take off, fly along with them over to Milan or Paris, the Amazon or whatever fits your travel fantasy. You can travel the globe for a few hours, and yet make only the slight travel-related carbon footprint of getting from home to the airport and back.

Show Friends the Potential of Renewable Energy

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Dreaming New Mexico has utilized Google Earth to create a map of what New Mexico would look like by 2030 should they implement renewable energy now and get off fossil fuel. There are also layers of Google Earth that show renewable energy potential in the US and elsewhere. Learn about and show your friends what the world could be like without fossil fuels, and get excited about switching to renewables.

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