7 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Proves Green is Sexy

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Yes, he's blond, blue-eyed handsome and yes, he's talented. But Academy Award-winning Leonardo DiCaprio continually proves he is more than just a pretty face jumping on the celebrity hybrid bandwagon. From resorts protecting islands to his role with eco town Greensburg to his green girlfriends (supermodel Gisele was just named UNEP Goodwill Ambassador and Bar saves beaches), Leo's passion for green and successful efforts in this arena means he is influencing both fans around the world and other celebrities. He's not perfect: He lives a jet-setting lifestyle (though tries to stick to commercial flights) and he smokes while biking, but he's one Hollywood star that we can't get enough of. Here are seven ways Leonardo DiCaprio proves green is sexy.

1. He's a Communicator

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't back down from a cause: He has strong opinions, and he let's the world know about them. Since becoming an environmental advocate, our sexy Leo has lent his voice to projects that include the short film Water Planet and the full-length feature The 11th Hour, while showing his support for electric cars at a green Oscar party and writing a profile of Van Jones for Time magazine. This year, he teamed up with Global Green USA for an Earth Day auction that included a grand prize meet-and-greet with Leo for the winner.

2. He Wears His Heart on His Sleeve

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In 1998--the year after Titanic made audiences sob around the world and DiCaprio an international superstar--the 23-year-old launched the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation with an eye toward increasing "global awareness of environmental issues,"--which has meant everything from keeping a calendar of current campaigns and partnering with the Natural Resources Defense Council to distributing grants and producing The 11th Hour.

3. He Wants to Get Stuck on a Desert Island with Us

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While his 2000 film The Beach followed DiCaprio's character's search for an unspoiled, untouched stretch of oceanfront property, the actor's life imitated art when he purchased the 104-acre Blackadore Caye in Belize with plans to build an eco-friendly Four Seasons resort on the property. Wondering how this much development can be green? The Islomaniac says, "Structures will be carefully integrated into the landscape so local wildlife and vegetation are disturbed to a minimum, and the island will be a test bed for innovating green technologies such a hybrid power systems." The article also mentions solar panels, wind power, and bio-diesel energy sources.

4. He's not an Egotistical Jerk

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DiCaprio's passion about the environment becomes apparent even when he's not the star of the show. He's also executive producer of Planet Green's Greensburg, now in its second season. It's a reality show--without the rose ceremonies, vote-outs, and skimpy bikinis. Instead, it follows the tornado-devastate town of Greensburg, Kansas, as the people rebuild with a focus on green building. From energy-efficient technologies to a new, sustainable school, watch the town band together to live up to its name.

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