7 Ways Brad Pitt Proves Green is Sexy

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Credit: Photo left via fortheladies.com; photo right via The New York Post
Brad Pitt's smashing good looks had us at hello back in the days of Legends of the Fall, but it's his environmental and charitable work that has us head over our vegan heels in love -- from the Make It Right foundation and his green building passion to his charitable donations in the millions (with partner Angelina Jolie), to humanitarian causes around the world through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, there are more ways than one Brad Pitt proves green is sexy, joining the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and showing up the rest of Hollywood.

1. He Founded The Make It Right foundation

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Credit: Make it Right

Brad Pitt started the Make It Right foundation in 2007 to rebuild homes for residents in New Orleans who lost theirs to Hurricane Katrina. Through modular building techniques, the use of smaller-scale, more efficient systems, and lowered prices for materials, the Make It Right homes are built cheaper than most not-so-green homes. The 13 completed homes -- and 140 or so more on the way -- offer tangible proof that sustainable building can be efficient and affordable. Even though they incorporate solar power, geothermal heating and cooling systems, Energy Star appliances, tank-less water heaters, energy conserving insulation and lighting systems, and more, these houses cost only $130 per square foot.

2. He Owns an Eco-Friendly Winery

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Credit: Chateau Val Joanis

Brad Pitt and his famous partner Angelina Jolie own Chateau Val Joanis in the south of France. The 1,000 acre estate is home to one of the oldest vineyards in the world that is still operating. The wine from Chateau Val Joanis was once sipped by the Romans and the Chateau still features visible remains of the Roman Villa that once existed there. According to its website, the French estate has survived many revolutions and has not had a change in its boundary lines since 1575. Along with organic grapes, the property also boasts a sustainable vegetable and herb garden that "makes up the first terrace" in addition to an olive orchard and loads of flowers and fruit trees. Via :: ecorazzi

3. He is the Voice Behind PBS Series e2

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Season 3 e2 Transport. Credit: e2

The PBS series e2: The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious is comprised of 30 half-hour episodes that focus on attainable solutions to environmental issues. The show's creators, Tad Fettig, and Karena Albers of kontentreal, along with cinematographer Robert Humphreys, traveled the world to allow their audiences to get an inside look at projects such as: solar energy in rural Bangladesh; Brazil's successful ethanol rollout and; how an industrial landscape turned into a sustainable development in Amsterdam, and more. Pitt has lent his voice to their series on sustainable design and transport. Transportation includes mores than just the movement of people around cities and the world, but also movement of all the products we purchase, and moving the different pieces that go into each product.

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