7 Must-Read Green Books for Your E-Reader

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For avid readers, making the switch to a Barnes and Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, or Sony Reader can help you save thousands of pieces of paper every year when you read your books electronically instead of in hardback.

And did you know that 1 in 10 Americans Own an e-Reader, and Read More Than The Rest of Us?

Start your collection with these seven green books for a well-rounded environmental library.

1. Living Like Ed

Planet Green star Ed Begley, Jr., and his wife Rachelle have spent several seasons showing viewers and their celebrity friends the pros and cons of going green, from the benefits of hybrid cars to the complications of solar panels.

Begley's book, Living Like Ed, is a key resource for aspiring greenies, covering everything from energy efficiency and alternative fuels to conserving water and growing your own food. (Random House, $18)

2. Ready, Set, Green

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What would a green library be without TreeHugger's own guide to an eco-friendly life?

The 8-week plan in Ready, Set, Green, from TreeHugger editor-in-chief Meaghan O'Neill and founder Graham Hill, walks you through simple changes, like bringing a reusable cup to the coffee shop and choosing eco-friendly cleaning products, and bigger decisions, like what to look for in furniture and paint brands and how to get a green job -- while offering plenty of facts, statistics, and resources to help you on your green journey. (Random House, $15)

3. Generation Green

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We know your techie teens haven't taken their hands off that e-reader since you opened it: Give them something to read by downloading Generation Green, a how-to book aimed at kids in grades 9 and above.

Topics include eco-friendly cleaners for tackling their chores, natural cosmetics for your I-just-discovered-eyeshadow daughter, environmental careers, and interviews with teenage activists who are already making a difference. (Simon & Schuster, $14)

4. In the Green Kitchen: Techniques to Learn by Heart

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The simple recipes and basic techniques in Alice Waters' In the Green Kitchen: Techniques to Learn by Heart are the kind that translate easily to electronic format: They're full of short ingredient lists, easy preparation instructions, and references for everything from filling the pantry to making pasta.

It's just the kind of book you want right at your fingertips for figuring out last-minute dinner recipes while on the commuter train home. (Random House, $28)

5. Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World

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Forget the fuss over Will and Kate's wedding: Prince Charles has been turning his attention toward the much more global issues of climate change and sustainability.

His documentary, "Harmony," aired on NBC last fall, and the accompanying book highlights his belief that "our most pressing modern challenges -- from climate change to poverty -- are rooted in mankind's disharmony with nature" -- alongside solutions that he thinks can make a difference. (HarperCollins, $30)

6. The Story of Stuff

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An electronic copy of a book about owning fewer items is completely appropriate -- and Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff will have you rethinking the rest of your purchases, too, as she makes a case for how overconsumption has lasting and damaging effects.

(Of course, if you don't already have an e-reader, then the better option is taking this book out of your local library.) (Simon & Schuster, $13)

7. 365 Ways to Live Green for Kids

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The little ones in your family may already be more adept at using the touchscreen and organizing your virtual library than you are -- but adding a copy of 365 Ways to Live Green for Kids will give them a new challenge.

The book teaches the basics of green living: the whys and hows of recycling, the importance of clean air, the benefits of organic food, and more -- plus offers DIY tips they can use at home and at school. (Amazon, $8)

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