7 Hollywood Hotties and Their Hot Green Cars, Round 2 (Slideshow)

thandie newton image

Crash star Thandie Newton at the wheel of her Toyota Prius, photo via Greenpeace UK.

From crush-worthy Crash star Thandie Newton's celebrity-favorite Toyota Prius (pictured) to Paris Hilton's GMC Yukon Hybrid, these seven celebrity hotties are cooling their carbon emissions and scaling down their rides with their hot-green wheels.

When celebrities can afford a custom-made pink Bentley Continental GT (click the 'slideshow' button below) it's refreshing to see investments that curb gas consumption whether it's an eco-oriented decision or an aesthetic preference. Just because a celebrity drives green doesn't warrant them eco-celebrity status. You tuned in for last month's Hollywood Hunks and Their Hot Green Cars, and this month we have their female counterparts with 7 Hollywood Hotties and Their Hot Green Cars slideshow, mixing the eco-celebs in with the plain-old celebs.

10 Hollywood Hotties and Their Hot Green Cars

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