7 Gorgeous Green Ways to Decorate for the Holidays--Without Blowing the Budget

5. Rethink What You Have

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Now that you have the showiest parts of your holiday decor ready for their closeup, it's time to spread the season throughout the rest of your home--though that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot or waste a lot. Shop your home for items you can rework for the holidays: Display red serving platters, fill a jar with peppermints, tie bows on the frames of your favorite photos, or paint your favorite outdoor planters for splashy entryway decor. Don't feel committed to traditional colors, either: collect blue, green, and gold ornaments in a vase in your bedroom, arrange black and silver candlesticks with jewel-toned ribbon on the mantle, and set out black and white photos of past generations opening gifts, meeting Santa, or hanging stockings for a sentimental touch.

6. Bring the Outside In

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Old-fashioned revelers always seemed to make their homes look flawless with nothing more than a string of popcorn, some carefully threaded cranberries, and a few modest candles. And while you don't need to give up all of your decor in favor of plants, you should think twice before ignoring what Mother Nature has to offer: Surround stems in glass vases with deep red cranberries, leave out a bowl of chestnuts for an earthy accent, line up green and red apples on your windowsill. Check local farm stands and produce markets for in-season pumpkins, gourds, fruits, and vegetables that do double duty as placecards, candleholders, or stocking-stuffers.

7. What About Wrapping?

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Now's the time to take a fresh look at paper around the house. Recycled brown bags, wallpaper, maps, the Sunday Funnies--all these sources lead to uniquely wrapped gifts that add holiday cheer without sending more waste to the landfill. More crafty? Try painting empty cardboard boxes, collaging magazine or newspaper pages, or designing your own wrapping paper on upcycled paper bags for a unique finish touch on any decor.

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