7 Funniest Moments in Green YouTube Video

Video: YouTube, GreenerSchnitzels

1. Moo-vie Matters

Back-to-school time. Do you want to broach the green topic, feel your friends out and get them on the green wagon too? What better way than by sharing some funny moments in green video history? This short from Greener Schnitzels is a one-off (so far). Chris Metzler and Josh Kurz teamed up to create this SNL-style sketch, in which the part of the domestic partner in an increasingly strained relationship is played by a belching cow. More moo-vies please, Chris and Josh.

2. Role Model?

Video: YouTube, paranoidus

No spoilers. Just watch it to the end. Or at least until you figure it out. This amazing commercial takes psychotherapy to a whole new level.

3. Nature Calls

Video: YouTube, maxgoldberg

This is the nature documentary for the friend who moans about all those soft greenies sitting around oohing and aahing at the majesty of, or worse the cuteness of, nature. This spoof takes aim at (TreeHugger parent) Discovery's Planet Earth series. Fuck the Earth won't bore you with any soothing commentary. Its one-word narrative says it all.

4. Satirical Spoof

Video: YouTube, ThisIsReality

The mega corporations really put their foot in it sometimes. A rash of funny videos shoot back at some of the most epic fails in greenwash advertising, such as GE Ecoimagination's Sexy Miners and the Clean Coal Carolers. This short video benefits from being directed by Academy Award-Winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen.

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