7 Fabulously Green Celebrity Homes

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Most celebrities use their fortune to buy outrageously extravagant homes--think multi-car garages, huge pools, more bedrooms than a hotel, state-of-the-art kitchens, and massive grounds--without giving much thought to the increase in their carbon footprint. (Note to these offenders: Your hybrid isn't exactly canceling out your home energy use.) But we found seven celebrities whose homes reflect their passion for all things green--even if the square footage isn't especially modest. And while we'd love to show you all the solar panels, sustainable-wood flooring, and environmental technologies these celebs have installed, most of them are (understandably) private about their homes--so you'll just have to take our word for it.

1. Johnny Depp

Though owning more than one home--especially when your second is on its own Caribbean island, thousands of miles from your first, in France--isn't very eco-friendly, Johnny Depp has enlisted Mike Strizki to turn his 35-acre island getaway into a self-sustaining habitat run on solar-hydrogen power. No doubt the rest of his building plans will be equally energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. Now if only he could do something about the commute...

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

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Before Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall became famous for their comedic acting and writing on Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, and The New Adventures of Old Christine, they were a pair of environmentally-minded Northwestern theater students. Now they share an energy-efficient Santa Barbara bungalow that includes a retractable roof, which stimulates airflow and negates the need for air conditioning; daylighting, to reduce the need for electric lights; and solar heating that's put back into the grid when the house isn't in use. The couple also had their contractor salvage all the pre-renovation wood since, as Hall told Grist, "Having a second home is itself a sort of appalling excess. We figured if we're going to do it, we better be as responsible as we can."

3. Daryl Hannah

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Known as much these days for her environmental passion as she is for her film work, actress Daryl Hannah spends her off-days in the Rocky Mountains, where her converted-stagecoach-stop home is almost entirely solar powered (a biodiesel generator provides backup power just in case). The off-grid dwelling sits next to a winterized barn (also solar powered) made of reclaimed wood, and inside, Hannah and her guests sit on a moss-covered stone that doubles as a couch.

4. Julia Roberts

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Credit: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic Julia Roberts, husband Danny Moder, and the couple's three children may share an over-sized, 6,000-square-foot home (complete with tennis court and pool, as shown in this photo), but the recent estimated $20 million green renovation--including recycled tiling and sustainable building materials--help keep the mansion's footprint restrained. Even better: three roofs' worth of solar panels take advantage of that celebrity perk--living in Malibu--by harnessing the climate's natural energy.

5. Orlando Bloom

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Burberry

Maybe all that time together on the Pirates of the Caribbean set allowed some of Depp's environmentalism to rub off on co-star Orlando Bloom: The Global Cool participant made his new-construction home in London as green as possible, with everything from solar panels to energy-efficient lightbulbs. He's since said that the project required nearly twice as much money as he'd budgeted, but we're sure the finished product will be well worth the cost.

6. Ed Begley Jr.

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Actor Ed Begley, Jr., and his wife, Rachelle, prove their commitment to a green lifestyle on Living with Ed, where their eco-friendly home includes a picket fence made of recycled milk jugs, a solar-powered outdoor oven, and water-capturing rain barrels. On a mission to make their home as energy-efficient as possible, the couple takes notes on the eco-friendly abodes of friends Jackson Browne, Larry Hagman, and Cheryl Tiegs (among others)--but always returns to improve their own green space.

7. Tricia Helfer

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Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage Battlestar Galactica bombshell Tricia Helfer announced plans in February for an off-grid home in Alberta, Canada that will take advantage of solar energy (both passive and active), rainwater reuse, and energy-efficient heating. Meanwhile, the actress posts her plans, ideas, materials, and technologies at TriciaGreen.com, where she updates readers on the progress of the home.

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7 Fabulously Green Celebrity Homes
Most celebrities use their fortune to buy outrageously extravagant homes--think multi-car garages, huge pools, more bedrooms than a hotel, state-of-the-art kitchens, and massive grounds--without giving much thought

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