7 Environmentally Disastrous Celebrity Breakups

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High Grant and Elizabeth Hurley. Image via TreeHugger

From a screen legend married eight lavish times to an actor and environmental activist who lost $30 million of potentially charitable funds to his former flame, when it comes to celebrities weddings and divorces, love does cost a thing--even when it ends amicably. In the U.K., the average wedding is calculated to be 14.5 tonnes of CO2. And what about your not-so-average wedding...

With celebrities comes larger expense accounts and grandiose ideas -- think flying lobsters from Maine to the Bahamas or a 12-foot-high chocolate wedding cake from Germany to Florida -- and we haven't even mentioned the divorce settlements. Here are seven of the most environmentally disastrous celebrity breakups to hit the red carpet:

1. Hugh Grant & Elizabeth Hurley

English actors Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley had a high-profile romance in the 1990s. Their 13-year romance ended semi-amicably in 2000 and seven years later Hurley wed Indian businessman Arun Nayar in a $2.5 million double ceremony with festivities spanning eight days.

According to Forbes, the first ceremony was held at the medieval Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire in front of 300 guests, the couple then jet set to the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India for their second ceremony.

2. Elizabeth Taylor & Conrad Hilton

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With news surfacing that Elizabeth Taylor is considering her ninth wedding (she recently denied this on twitter) it has us thinking about what would have happened had she stayed married to hotel heir Conrad Hilton, whom she wed in 1950 at the age of 18. According to Life, their marriage ended in divorce eight months after the lavish union attended by Hollywood's elite and, of course, many photographers. We can't help but think her carbon footprint would be a tad lighter had she not married seven additional times.

One such marriage was a $2 million affair in 1991, when she wed construction worker Larry Fortensky in front of 150 guests--and paparazzi helicopters buzzing above--at Michael Jackson's 2,700-acre Neverland Ranch. Also, she surely would not have received the gifts of elaborate jewelry from her many male admirers and husbands. Her extensive collection includes the 33.19 carat Krupp diamond and the 69.42-carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond from her ex-husband Richard Burton. Of the 2500 tons of gold mined each year, 80% of that goes in to jewelry; Taylor likely owns a significant portion of that.

3. Donald Trump & Ivana Trump

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Donald Trumo and Melania Knauss. Image via TreeHugger

When business magnate "The Donald" Trump and his first wife, Ivana wed in 1977 it was an over-the-top high-society wedding. Their marriage lived through the development of prime Manhattan real estate and ended in divorce 13 years later.

Both went on to marry in equally excessive weddings. In 2005, Donald Trump wed Melania Knauss, and the $1 million occasion was--in one word--heavy. From the beef tenderloin that fed 400 guests to Melania's fifty pound gown; a strapless Christian Dior made from 300 feet of satin beaded with 1,500 crystals, punctuated by a 13-foot train.

And in 2008, Ivana married Rossano Rubicondi, in a $3 million wedding for 400 guests at her former husband's Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida. Not only did 400 guests travel to Florida for the wedding, but the couple had a 12-foot-high chocolate wedding cake from Germany and a 24-piece orchestra from Paris flown in for the special occasion.

4. Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola

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When singer Mariah Carey wed Sony Music President Thomas Mottola in 1993 it was an over-the-top $500,000 affair. According to Forbes, over 300 guests attended--and traveled to--the wedding in Manhattan, where Carey, accompanied by 50 flower girls, wore a gown with a 27-foot-long train.

Had the couple stayed together (they divorced in 1998), Mariah would not have gone on to marry Nick Cannon at her expansive $5 million home in the Bahamas. According to Just Jared, two private jets carried Mariah and her wedding guests to Governors Harbour Airport from New York on April 29, 2008 and the next day, a commercial jet arrived with fresh lobsters flown in from Maine. On the day of the wedding, a private jet arrived without passengers -- it only carried the flowers.

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7 Environmentally Disastrous Celebrity Breakups
From a screen legend married eight lavish times to an actor and environmental activist who lost $30 million of potentially charitable funds to his former flame, when it comes to celebrities

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