7 Celebrity Environmentalists in Need of Green 101

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4) Google Founders and Their $60 million dollar "Party Plane"

Gotta have at least one air travel culprit on this list. In the workplace, media giant Google is greening the way with a solar-clad headquarters, cafeterias serving hormone-free chicken, beef from free-range cows and eggs from cage-free hens, and free shuttle service for employees. They even have an employee incentive plan that encourages walking, biking, and taking public transportation.

Course, that doesn't mean the co-founders follow it: After a public dispute, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were revealed to be more concerned about the size of the mattresses in their $60 million dollar "party plane." The Boeing 767 carries 180 passengers in commercial use and is three times as heavy as a conventional executive plane, says the Wall Street Journal. Tripped out with the comforts of home, the Google plane is luxury all the way, with customized showers, dining rooms, and bedrooms...which leave room for only 50 people.

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5) Gwyneth Paltrow's Perfume Smells Fishy

Oh Gwynnie, you promote hybrids, shop for organic products and green baby furniture, and support Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Father of Inconvenient Truth Al Gore, so why are you hawking a perfume line that contains seriously dangerous chemicals? According to the Cosmetic Database, Estée Lauder Pleasures Delight body lotion gets a hazard score of 8 out of 10 (10 being dose yourself with this stuff and bring on the cancer, birth defects, reproduction failures, and immune toxicity). And it's not like she didn't have better options: Of all the skin creams on the market we could lather up with, 96 percent show better scores.

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6) Vanity Fair's Green Issue Features Material Girl

Ok, so this one's not exactly a celebrity, but Vanity Fair, tell us again: How exactly is Madonna green? In 2006, you hit the nail on the head when you put the spotlight on our dashing TreeHugger founder Graham Hill…but Madonna? Spending almost 10,000 dollars a month on Kabbalah-blessed hydration, she's more the Queen of Bottled Water than the Queen of Pop. Some even blame her for starting the trend in the 1980's, with her promotion of Evian. She also invests in oil exploration, and her carbon footprint could squash us flat, at 100 times the average British citizen's. And no hybrid for this gas-wallowing diva: Her fleet includes a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, Audi A8s, and a Mini Cooper S.

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7) Cold Play Frontman Chris Martin and the Dead Mango Trees

He's probably the least green of those on our list, but Coldplay frontman Chris Martin (husband to #5) gets kudos for his fight for fair trade, eco-themed lyrics, and his aversion to meat. In 2005, he was named PETA's World’s Sexiest Vegetarian. Yep, the intentions were good when he launched his scheme to offset CO2 emissions created by 26 million in album sales by planting 10,000 mango trees in southern India. Bummer we never saw the fruits of his labor. Most of the trees died in 2006.

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