7 Celebrity Environmentalists in Need of Green 101

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Oh how we love our green celebrities, but for the most part, they are as fresh and new to this fight against climate change as Brangolina's twin babies Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline are to the world. They can give global warming a big 'ol kick in the organically-grown cotton pants simply by gracing the covers of supermarket rags. They can get the word out by looking posh in gleaming hybrids, shopping with chic reusable bags, or sending thousands of extra stilettos to New Orleans. But just like free-range baby chicks taking their first tottering steps into the farmyard, sometimes they fall in a big pile of cow dung meant for the methane digester.

We're not going to call them eco hypocrites, that term that is all the rage now. These folks are on the right track, just under informed or misadvised. Here are our top seven green celebrities who need to enroll in Eco 101 ASAP.

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1) Paul McCartney and the Lexus Hybrid Delivered by Plane Fiasco

Given, it wasn't really the fault of our favorite green knight (and apparently he's really peeved). But somebody in his posse should have kept closer tabs on how that free Lexus LS600H Hybrid was going to get from Japan to the U.K. Green car it was -- but not any more. Delivery by plane instead of by boat means its transport footprint was 100 times larger, and it got 4 mpg for the first 5,966 miles of it’s life without even hitting the road. The shocking carbon blunder: This Beatles alum might as well have jumped in his car and driven around the world six times.

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Photo: Via The Los Angeles Times

2) When Woody Harrelson Forgot His Vegan Belt and Shoes

Woody Harrelson was green before it was trendy. He scaled the Golden Gate Bridge to save the redwoods, was inspired by the fish he saw during a scuba trip to become a vegetarian, is keen on biodiesel (he took a road trip across the West Coast in a hemp oil-fueled biodiesel bus), and doesn't like it when scientists stick pins in rats.

But what to do when you are in France for the Cannes Film Festival without your most favorite vegan belt and shoes? Why fly them over from California, of course.

Don't worry, he has taken punishment into his own hands and is now starving himself on an island for 40 days. We don't mind if you eat Woody, but the veganism extremism is a bit over-the-top...

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Photo left: d_vdm via Flickr

3) Arnold Schwarzenegger and the State of California's Tax on Used Fryer Grease

Dear Arnold, with all the amazing eco initiatives rolling out from the state of California, we've notice a bit of umm..slippery bureaucracy. Do you really need to tax fryer grease repurposed from a chowder house? Mechanic Dave Eck inspired the world with his fleet of vegetable oil-powered vehicles, but California threw the book at him. Granted the Governator was out of the loop, but seems a bit unfair that in the Golden State, Eck's a tax cheat and illegally operating without a "diesel fuel supplier's license" and permission from the Air Resources Board. Oh yeah, the poor guy also needs $1 million in liability insurance just in case he spills some.

The good news? He can drive in the carpool lane.

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