7 Celebrities in Gargantuan Gas-Guzzling Cars (Slideshow)

arnold schwarzenegger hummer image
Arnold Schwarzenegger matches his muscle in one of his many hummers. Credit: Where Is a Car

With Green Hollywood's go-to car the Toyota Prius, we sometimes forget that not every celebrity lends their status to curbing their carbon footprint like our eco-celebs in 10 Hollywood Hunks and their Hot Green Cars and 7 Hollywood Hotties and their Hot Green Cars, Round 2.
Get driven away in our 7 Celebrities in Gargantuan Gas-Guzzling Cars Slideshow and find out which famous pint-sized twin offsets her size rather than her carbon emissions in her Mercedes-Benz SUV and what really drives Arnold Schwarzenegger's hummer above.

celebrities in gargantuan gas guzzling carsNote: Slide 5 was updated on 9/10/09, Ben Affleck drives an RX SUV.
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