7 Books That Will have the Preschooler Set Teaching You How to be Green

5. Biscuits Earth Day Celebration by Allyssa Satin Capucilli

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Another green addition to a series, Biscuits Earth Day Celebration follows a cute yellow puppy and his elementary school-age friend as they celebrate Earth Day.

Biscuit follows along as the little girl and her classmates plant some flowers and veggies, pick up litter, recover a plastic bottle for recycling and decorate the ubiquitous cloth grocery bag. The kids in this book perform simple tasks that young readers can emulate, in order to begin to feel empowered and feel that they are making a difference. Plus, my 18-month-old enjoys the illustrations of Biscuit and his friends.

6. Big Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland

Photo via Kids Can Press Big Bear Hug has become an instant favorite around our house. It's the story of a big ol' bear wandering around the forest hugging whatever he can get his paws around.

Oldland's whimsical illustrations of the bear hugging surprised animals -- from skunks to snakes -- are engaging and humorous. The climax of the story comes when the bear's joint beaver/tree hug is interrupted by a man with an axe. The bear is shocked as the man starts chopping one of the biggest most beautiful trees in the forest. The bear rises up to chomp the man, but then thinks twice and instead gives him a patented bear hug. The man freaks and runs far far away. Tree saved to hug another day.

7. It's Earth Day by Mercer Mayer

Photo via Harper Collins

Reading Little Critter books has been a bed time staple for a couple years around our house and It's Earth Day is in constant rotation, not only around Earth Day. Along with the usual stuff like worrying about polar bears, recycling and planting trees, Little Critter goes one step further to try and come up with a techno-fix for climate change.

Inspired by the "climate control" setting in his family's refrigerator, Little Critter sets out to invent a Climate Control machine to help save the polar bears. Needless to say, his invention doesn't work, and he even wastes a bunch of energy by using ice from his house and from all his neighbors for no good purpose other than to melt. But, as Little Critter laments his failure, his dad reminds him that all the things he's learned in the past couple of days has led to behavioral changes in all the family members that will help have the same result as any successful Climate Control Machine.

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