6 Reasons The World Needs More Girls on Bikes

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4. Style Over Speed.

As Mikael Colville-Andersen has consistently stressed, urban biking is not about speed - it's an entirely different animal from mountain biking, racing or even the speed-is-king messenger biking (though those all have their place). The point is to arrive in style rather than to add to city stress.

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5. More Women Bikers Mean the Infrastructure Has Matured..

Significant numbers of women on bikes in city environments is an important bellweather - it means the infrastructure of bike paths, bike traffic lights and other aids for cyclists such as separated bike lanes is beginning to be sufficient to get women over their fears and out on their bikes.

Photo via Brett L. flickr.

6. For Complete Streets.

Though under-reported in the mainstream press, the idea of 'complete streets' where pedestrians, bikes, and cars and other vehicles truly share the road is beginning to seep into urban planners' vocabulary. You can't have complete streets without women taking to their bikes in the same proportion as women drivers and women walkers.

Last, but not least, is biking joy. The reason dedicated bike commuters get dedicated is that biking brings joy. Unlike drivers sitting in traffic inside a car, bikers get a direct connection to their environment. It might not always be a positive connection, but it is definitely more real. Slowing down to the urban biking pace reveals a city that many urban dwellers hadn't taken notice of, yet. More women deserve to experience this bike joy.

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