6 Meat and Fur-free Celebrities with a Die-hard Passion for PETA

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PETA has never been shy about making a fuss while getting its message out, whether that means objecting to Obama's fly-swatting maneuvers or posting billboards that target obesity--and while not everyone appreciates the brashness of their techniques, plenty of celebrities are willing to lend their names and faces to the ads, testimonials, and letter-writing campaigns that keep the organization at the forefront of the fight for animal rights. Here, we've rounded up seven big-name stars (from movies, music, and fashion) who wear their heart for PETA right on their sleeve.

1. Pink

Outspoken animal lover and musician Pink has spent plenty of time fighting for the rights of four-legged friends alongside PETA; from promoting a boycott of Australian wool and volunteering to rescue about-to-be-eaten pigs to hosting a launch party for PETA president Ingrid Newkirk's book, Let's Have a Dog Party, and starting a petition against New York's horse-drawn carriages, she spends nearly as much time speaking out as she does singing. Earlier this year, she and writer/comedian Ricky Gervais provided the voices for PETA's "Stolen for Fashion" public service announcement, in which an alligator and a rabbit try to track down the humans who stole their skin.

2. Pamela Anderson

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Though PETA may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Pamela Anderson, the actress has been an influential part of several of the organization's campaigns: She stripped down for "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur," posed in a vegetable bra and underwear set for "Turn Over a New Leaf: Try Vegetarian," spoke out against Kentucky Fried Chicken, POM, and seal hunting, and posed naked in a Stella McCartney window display before the PETA Humanitarian Awards in 2006. Her most recent offering, a video that featured her as an anti-leather, anti-fur airport security guard, was banned from three New York airports in September.

3. Paul McCartney

Though he's encouraging the rest of us to become part-time vegetarians with Meatless Mondays, musician Paul McCartney is a die-hard vegan himself--and he's a key part of PETA's campaigns against McDonald's, Armani, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Photo via PETA

In an interview with the organization, he says: "We can't go on cramming creatures into battery cages, broiler sheds, turkey sheds and so on. Where's the compassion? It's a real chicken with a face and a heart...When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that's why I can't eat it. Simple as that."

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