365 Small Steps Cover a Lot of Ground


We talk often about starting with the easy things (why we like CFL's so much) and sometimes the hard things. Vanessa Farquharson is doing the worst of both worlds, a sort of death of 365 cuts, by doing one new little thing for the environment every day for a year and blogging about it. Perhaps it is penance for her day job as a journalist at the National Post, the House organ for Canada's Climate Change Denial Squad.

She started on March 1 by giving up on paper towels from the Boreal Forest (but not giving up paper altogether, just going to 100% recycled, we did say small steps!) through giving up styrofoam (a much bigger step) to giving up bottled water (great step!) and turning down the thermostat. Forever. On day 9 Vanessa is going for local food (but sometimes bananas are OK.) On day 12 Vanessa both cheats and I think gets it wrong (hey, saying you are NOT going to buy a microwave does not count as doing something, and if you are reheating something small, a microwave uses a lot less energy than warming up the entire oven. And read Helen here. ) but that is a minor quibble. Just be sure to go for 366 to make up.

Small Step Woman, No Impact Man, so many people out there, we could start a dating service or a superhero club. Send in comments with your ideas for small steps that add up and we will see if we can help her out at ::Green as a Thistle

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