350.org Parodies JetBlue's New Frequent Flyer Program


Last year, JetBlue introduced some new green initiatives that won a Treehugger blogger's praise. Their "Reducing Our Footprint" plan included such features as eliminating in flight magazines to save paper and using one engine to taxi to and from runways. But 350.org is taking issue with JetBlue's new All-You-Can-Jet Pass, which offers users unlimited travel for $599 a month to selected cities. 350.org parodied the offer and challenged JetBlue to step it up.JetBlue's deal is offered now through Aug. 21. Customers can buy a pass that lets them fly anywhere the airline flies for one month, between Sept. 8 to Oct. 8. But one roundtrip cross country flight on JetBlue emits 2.5 tons of C02. That can add up fast if you're jetting from city to city, not too mention that air travel is responsible for roughly 2 percent of global greenhouse emissions.

Susanna Murley of Carbonfund.org takes issue with 350.org's choice of JetBlue as a target. Says Murley in an email: "JetBlue is one of the greenest airlines and have been working with Carbonfund.org to reduce their footprint for years. Understanding the air travel is impossible to do without emitting carbon, the businesses that are actually working with us to move us toward clean energy don't deserve this sort of attack."

350.org called out JetBlue and asked activists to take action with the snarky action alert below:

Dear JetBlue,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the new All-You-Can-Emit pass you're offering.I knew you were trying hard to put "humanity back into air travel," but I didn't know you were putting "humanity back underwater" too!

You see, with all the greenhouse gas emissions I'll make with my All-You-Can-Emit pass, I'll be playing a key role in causing the climate crisis and raising sea levels by melting all that nasty ice in the Arctic (can't wait for the new golf courses that might open up there!)

I guess if I cared about stuff like, oh, the fate of the planet, I might join 350.org in their International Day of Climate Action on October 24. But don't worry, I don't care about anything besides in-chair direct TV, leg-room, and those delicious chips you serve!

For now, happy emitting!

You can sign the petition here. If you're unfamiliar with 350.org, their focus is on educating the public and policy makers about the number 350, which is the amount parts per million that scientists have set as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. They're closely associated with activist and author Bill McKibben and they are sponsoring a global day of action on global warming on Oct.24.

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