350.org Gets Obama Onside, Kallari Winners Make Chocolate at Night, Triple Pundit Examines Shell, and More

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350.org: Obama Commits the U.S. to Climate Action! by May
"We did it! We've all been working hard to urge the next U.S. President to re-enage the United States with the rest of the world. 50,000 of you have sent invitations urging the President-elect to show that after eight years of inaction, we are ready to work with other countries to stop climate change."Designing for Humanity: The Night shift at the Salinas Chocolate factory… by Teo and Mee Leng
"The air is pretty thin here in Salinas and the weather is very cool…and misty...but this small self-sustained town is great...We took a tour with a local guide to a few micro-factories here in Salinas…the cheese factory, candy and chocolate factory, handicraft and soccer ball factory..Etc…we then were showed the machinery for chocolate making process..."

Fake Plastic Fish: Carnival Of The Green #154 by Beth Terry
"There were a lot of entries sent to me this week covering a broad spectrum of green topics. We have money managers, green moms, crafters (check out the Barbie dress made from crocheted plastic bags), guys, gals, and everyone in between. So, here are the posts in the order I received them."

Inhabitots: Secondhand Kids Shopping by Desmond Williams
'Once thought of as a case strictly for charity, reusing clothing items has become an integral and environmentally savvy facet of green parenting. Now that Goodwill clothing is ‘hip’ (the D.C. stores have a Goodwill Fashionista on their payroll), and we are witnessing the advent of the ‘frugal teen’, can a shift in thinking among parents who once turned up their noses at the idea of hand-me-down or gently-used options for children be too far behind?"

Triple Pundit: Just What is Sustainability?—Shell Delves Into a Thorny Issue, Part One
by Andrew Burger
"Multinational oil and gas companies have as large a vested interest in the energy and sustainability debate as anyone. Earlier today, the corporate communications team of one of the oil industry's pioneering, and still largest, private multinationals—Shell--hosted a live Web chat on the issue."

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