3 Ways to Get Your Voice Heard at the Copenhagen Climate Summit Via 350.org

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The COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference--December 7-18 in Copenhagen--is fast approaching, and many of us are eager to see leaders sit down and come up with some kind of plan to get us back on the sustainable climate track. But what about those of us not able attend, are there still ways to participate and get our voices heard? Of course there is, didn't someone once say something about never underestimate what a small group can do, ah well. 350.org wants to get groups all around the world acting all on one day, October 24, the International Day of Climate Action. This is our chance to take a stand for the climate and show leaders how important this is and bring home how many of us care about what happens in Copenhagen. So how can you help?

1. Join the Group

Simply sign up with your name, email and contact information to get yourself on the 350 mailing list and get engaged in what is currently going on. You'll get reminders about actions, as well as science updates, both good and bad on how we're doing as a planet. You can also sign their "I Am Ready" pledge which tells world leaders that you can be counted among the thousands and millions of people that are demanding change and action by world governments on the issue of climate change.

Join me at www.350.org

2. Find an Action Near You

October 24 is the International Day of Climate Action and you too can get involved, no matter where you live. So, after you have joined the group, the next step is to search for actions near you. There are literally actions planned for every corner of the globe and one shouldn't be hard to find. There is a march and banner painting planned in Madagascar, a Climate Action Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, and even a 350 Campaign virtually in Second Life, for example.

3. Create Your Own 350 Action

Don't see an action near you? Bummer. But don't let that get you down. You can create your own action. That's right and 350.org is happy to help. 350 will help you come up with banners, stickers, ideas, pretty much anything you need to get that action going, including materials that are already made, you just have to print them out. In addition, for organizers, there is a step-by-step nine-step action plan to give you everything you need to know to pull off an action in your community. They just ask that at some point you get the group together and come up with a way to display the number 350 and take a picture of it.

350.org is the group created by author and activist Bill McKibben to highlight the need to get our greenhouse gas emissions down to 350 parts per million (ppm) or lower NOW. Currently we're at 385.92 ppm, which is why some say we are seeing glaciers melt, severe droughts, loss of species and more. The International Day of Climate Action is one way to get as much global support to demand change here and now.

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