29 Tips to Cut Down on Your Fuel Consumption

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It's summer and you love to travel, but you don't want to waste a lot of your money on gas. Fortunately, there's a lot of great advice circulating around the interwebs on effective ways to reduce your fuel usage and, even better, to find alternate, low-impact means of transportation. One particularly helpful guide crossed our desks earlier today, courtesy of Lifehacker, and we thought we'd highlight some of the tips:

1. Brake the right way

2. Ride the slipstream

3. Rent a smaller car

More after the jump.4. Use the correct grade of motor oil

5. Replace air filters as needed

6. Switch to a hybrid or more fuel-efficient car

7. And the most obvious one: drive less

For more detailed tips, be sure to check out the whole guide. And, as always, feel free to share your own tips for reducing gas usage in the comments.

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