2017: The Workplace- Missing the Boat?


We were intrigued by some of the press we were reading about this conference at the University of Waterloo starting October 14. Interesting concept: "The rapid growth of the knowledge economy, globalization, changing demographics, new technologies, increasing worker mobility and the millennial generation have created significant challenges in the world of work." Interesting speakers: Richard Florida, Malcolm Gladwell, Roger Martin, Daniel Pink. Interesting quotes: "Peter Drucker once asked, "Why would any company pay (in salary and time) to transport a 190-pound body when all it needed was the body's three-pound brain?"

Yet while going through pages about technology and blackberries and mobility, not a peep anywhere about carbon and energy, the two monster elephants in the room. Not a word about how people will get to work, how they will feed themselves, how they will pay for this greater mobility. It seems like an awfully big hole in any discussion of how we will be working in ten years. ::2017 The Workplace and ::Globe and Mail

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