2010 Eco-Fashion Forecast


Bahar Shahpar spring 2010 collection at the GreenShows. Credit: Meaghan O'Neill

Fashion is the business of forecasting, and as we embark on a new decade there is a lot of hope for the future of green fashion. But just what will 2010 look like in the world of eco-fashion? Designers, artists, industry movers and shakers, and others take on the big question--with fingers crossed--for this year, Ecouterre reports:
Model, Activist, and Author Summer Rayne Oakes, discusses how the economy challenges sustainable design, below.

As our economy continues to suck air and flop spasmodically like a marooned fish, schools of sustainable designers will figure out ways to forge ahead, albeit in a new sliver of light. The economic situation unquestionably challenges sustainable design: It tests the elasticity of the independent designers who have paved the path over conventional design philosophies; it dampens enthusiasm of larger brands who have launched or sought to launch eco-collections; and it provides hurdles for aspiring newbies hoping to enter the market.

Such challenges will only reinforce a new, more-refined face of sustainable style. It'll be a mature approach to design--and one that brings to light efficiency, vertically sourced designs, tighter collections, and zero-waste philosophies.

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Bahar Shahpar tells Ecouterre her hopes for 2010, below.

As we embark upon a new decade-birthing year, there are three fashion wishes I'm crossing my fingers for: First, that more brands embrace sustainable production methods and focus on beautiful, timeless styles instead of trend-based fast fashion; second, that we continue to see more of the more daring, experimental styles made popular during the it's-all-gone-to-shit-might-as-well-have-fun-with-it recession era.

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2010 Eco-Fashion Forecast
Fashion is the business of forecasting, and as we embark on a new decade there is a lot of hope for the future of green fashion. But just what will 2010 look like in the

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