2008 Go Green Earth Summit Ready to Inspire, Educate

If you’re looking for the place where committed teachers, parents, administrators government officials and a whole host of other school related and not-so-school related personnel get together to compare best practices and stimulate their nerve endings when it comes to environmental issues and our schools there’s no better event than the Go Green Earth Summit, and the conference this year is next month in Syracuse, NY.

This year’s event is scheduled for October 17 and 18, and hosted by the New York State PTA, the city of Syracuse, and the Go Green Initiative. And there’s no doubt you’ll come away having learned a tremendous amount for the experience of being there. As I can say with certainty that last year’s event was a tremendous learning experience for none other than yours truly, your friendly writer of all things education minded in the world of TreeHugger.

As I encountered all kinds of neat ideas, from unique ways to reach kids like a Barbie house set up in a California elementary school with solar and wind power to help students get a feel for the possibilities of the technology, to programs designed to encourage conservation by students and staff alike by paying each school a percentage of the money they save on a monthly basis from doing things like turning out the lights and remembering to turn off the computer for the weekend.

Go Green Earth Summit Overview
And to give you a feel for the generally course of events, the Go Green Earth Summit is set up to provide opportunities for networking, roundtable discussions, panel discussions, lectures, and tours; along with plenty of opportunities to chat with state and national leaders in the fields of environmental protection, child advocacy and education in an informal, relaxed setting that makes networking and idea sharing a pleasure to engage in.

So if you have the time and are looking to be inspired, there's no doubt some time at the Go Green Earth Summit is just what you're looking for. To register, just head over to their website, hosted by our friends at the Go Green Initiative.

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