2007 Global Language Monitor Word of the Year: "Hybrid"

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The Global Language Monitor tracks how words are used in the English media.

In 2006, the top word of the year was "sustainable", and one of the top politically incorrect phrases was "Global Warming Denier". Now, for 2007, the top word appeared to be "surge" for most of the year, but at the last minute "hybrid" surged past it and was crowned Word of the Year (GM must be kicking itself). Also for 2007, "Climate change" is the top phrase and "Al Gore" is the top name, beating "George W. Bush" and "Bono".

The smiley for "pirate", ?-) , is the emoticon of the year thanks to a certain Hollywood series, but the most understood word on the planet is still "O.k.", so not everything is changing...

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