2007 Abbott Kinney Festival: Going Green in Venice This Weekend


Following in the footsteps of events like this years' Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, the 2007 Abbott Kinney Festival in Venice, CA is making strides in green festival-going. The event, coming right up on Sunday, September 30, is going beyond just purchasing carbon offsets for the emissions created; they're taking steps to reduce the footprint of the event, and have put together a solid lineup of speakers and vendors to help educate event-goers about ways to green their lives.

Solar generators for the music stages, biodegradable plastic bags and cutlery and a "Green Design Block Party" hosted by epOxybOx are just a few of the greener attributes of the festival, which also includes a lineup of speakers that includes TH pals LiveNeutral (formerly DriveNeutral, interviewed on TreeHugger here) and SurfRider Foundation, and a presentation of An Inconvenient Truth by The Climate Project. Click through to the festival site to learn more about the speakers, seminars on environmental issues and vendors selling eco-friendly goods. ::2007 Abbott Kinney Festival

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