2006 Brower Youth Award Winners Celebrated


"People had alleged that I have inspired many young people over the years, but I say it was just the opposite." so said David Brower. David is one of the most revered figures in the US environment movement and no wonder, given that his passion for the planet never waned in nearly 90 years of full life. In his final year, he was to witness the inaugural Brower Youth Awards, as established by the Earth Island Institute, which he founded 24 years ago. The 2006 round will be celebrated at a special free event in San Francisco tomorrow night. If the achievements of the six winners,, (Jessica Assaf, 16; May Boeve, 21; Karoline Evin McMullen, 16; Alberta Nells, 16; Elissa Smith, 21 and Ruben Vogt, 22) is anything go by, then the legacy of David's unwavering enthusiasm lives on. Between them these leaders of tomorrow have already been campaigning for safe cosmetics, zero emissions technology, trout habitat restoration, protection of scared Native American lands, youth participation in environmental decision making and for community mentoring programs. We wish them well in tackling the many challenges ahead of us all, and for taking up the torch to light the way forward. ::Brower Youth Awards.Besides, any award that offers a week long backcountry camping trip as a part of its prize, sure gets my blessing. What better way to help appreciate eco issues, than immersing one's self amongst the very environment you are trying to rescue. As David Brower once put it: "We urge that all people now determine that an untrammeled wildness remain here to testify that this generation had love for the next." (Obviously a man who related strongly to the writings of Thoreau, who is quoted as commenting, "In wildness is the preservation of the world.")