2005 International Design Resource Awards

For the past umpteen years the International Design Resource Awards have been inspiring students, and professional designers alike, to put their thinking caps on and conjure up products that address the concerns of our besieged planet. 2005 will be the seventh time the awards have been run. Check out the website below for details, as they come to hand. A theme will be based around sustainably harvested materials, local production and compostability of products. The last competition was hosted in Japan under the title: Design with Memory. An Adventure in New Materials and Sustainable Design. We’ve highlighted here just three products from that comp. Pictured above is Julia Carlson’s Greenware from soy bean derived biodegradable plastic. (Note that the handle mould is the same for all three utensils, for better resource usage.) Below is ...

... Andreas Unterschuetz’s Drive On. The idea is
that these street mounted pads would generate
electricity as the pressure of car driving over the top,
forces a fluid propelled magnet throught a solenoid.



Michiaki Nakamura’s Ronde recycled pottery.
A "Porcelain to Porcelain" product. Bill McDonough
of Cradle to Cradle fame would be very proud.

For more products visit The 6th Awards website The navigation is a little quirky but you’ll be just fine :-)

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