2005: Has Sustainability Reached the Tipping Point?

Gil Friend (see his bio here) writes on WorldChanging: "I think we're likely to look back on 2005 as the tipping point for 'sustainability.'" For those that are not familiar with the "tipping point" concept ("The phrase tipping point refers to that dramatic moment when something unique becomes common."), we strongly recommend Malcom Gladwell's bestseller The Tipping Point. Back to Gil: He sees many signs that point in the direction of a mainstreaming of sustainability concepts. He lists some milestones in the manufacturing world, in finance, retail and what he calls "reality" (it is becoming harder to deny it...). Mr. Friend is not 100% optimistic, though. He admits that: "Grinding poverty still immiserates a third of the human family, and shames us all. The addiction to stuff drives our market. And the market still lies, by dismissing the inconvenient parts of physical reality as 'externalities'." So, will we someday look back on 2005 and consider it the tipping point for sustainability? If Treehugger can help it, yes, but only time will tell. ::Sustainability - At the Tipping Point?, Gil Friend was moderator on the: ::Commonwealth Club Environmental Blogging Panel