2005 Chicago Sustainable Design Challenge

As part of their upcoming Convergence '05 on 25 September, Foresight Design, (the Chicago chapter of the international O2 ecodesign network) are issuing designers a challenge. "Design an alternative system to reduce the vast consumption of grocery bags in the city of Chicago." The answer they are seeking should address policy, plus education and product design. And they don't want some airy-fairy concept either. It needs to be possible to implement, at least in part, within the next year. Foresight proffer some scary statistics as to why they believe this is a design challenge. "Each year plastic bag manufacturing consumes 12 million barrels of oil. The city of San Francisco spends $8.5 million annually to clean up and deal with plastic bags. Chicago, with a population almost 4 times that of San Francisco, certainly spends more." Read more and access a competition registration form here — ::2005 Chicago Sustainable Design Challenge