2005 Canadian National Commuter Challenge


We're a bit late with this one, but it's never too late to do a good deed. The One-Tonne Challenge is the Canadian program that asks citizens to try to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by one metric ton (1000 kg), and part of that program is the Commuter Challenge (what a cheesy logo!) that takes place from June 5 to 11 and aims to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transportation (walk, cycle, carpool, etc) to the workplace by organizing a friendly competition (which has been won by the David Suzuki Foundation for the past 5 years). You can go here to register, but even if it's too late, we encourage you to try phasing in greener modes of transportation into your daily commute – no need for a competition, it's just common sense.

::Commuter Challenge 2005, ::Canadian One-Tonne Challenge & ::Results from 2004


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