20 Years of O2 Global Eco Design, Celebrating System Reload in Milan


Happy Birthday O2 Global! The international eco design network that was established in 1988 has since given birth to O2 groups in over 82 countries and is counting more than 1200 members worldwide. What better place to celebrate and plan the revamp of O2 than the Milan furniture fair? After all this is where everything started 20 years ago, with a conversation in a coffee shop in Milan. So from April 16-21, O2 will be launching their new project, called System Reload, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile de Milano in Italy, one of the most important design fairs in the world.

Psst! TreeHugger has been nominated for two Bloggy Awards—Best Topical Weblog and Best Group Weblog. Please vote for us now! (Hint: To find us, scroll toward the bottom of the page.)The idea behind System Reload, a joint initiative between Tuttobene and the O2 Global Network Foundation, is to unite the around the world scattered collective expertise, experience and affiliated networks to maximize authentic opportunities for positive change. The goal is to:

Facilitate a platform that will bring together the eco design community and the mainstream design industry to develop a better understanding of:

• How sustainability changes the logic and systems behind design and product development.
• How the role of the designer expands from ‘developer of material form and process’ to being a ‘key resource and conduit for multi-layered and inter-disciplinary innovation’.

System Reload is open to all eco creatives and organisations. It is a not for profit, multidisciplinary initiative, to be hosted in a recycled rail-yard space in the heart of Milan. It will be all about connecting with plenty of social networking opportunities and marketing events. After all, this is where the next phase of O2 will be brought to life by creating a new communication platform in order for O2 to become, yet again, the ‘Power House for the eco design community’. System Reload is looking to co-create a shared vision in order to take O2 to the next level. The event will host a product and service exhibition, talks by leading eco design experts such as Ezio Manzini, workshops, and plenty more to drive sustainable design mainstream.

Excited already? There are still plenty of ways to get involved in: register your interest and ideas for the event, or, if you like to take part as a company or organisation, you can endorse the project, or, if you wish to demonstrate your support for innovation, creativity and best practice in eco design, you may want to become a sponsor for the event or donate some money. And of course, join O2 if you haven’t already. Check out the liaisons for your local group (O2 New Yorkers, click here). ::System Reload

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